Steve Martin

Steve was enjoying the 1970’s party life of drugs, when he walked into a Bible Study on the UCLA  campus, and had an unexpected life-changing encounter with Jesus.   Steve began to attend Bible college at Life Bible College (now Life Pacific) and graduated 4 years later with a heart to plant a church.  He  married his sweetheart, Darlene, during this season, and they had visited her family in the Pacific Northwest a few times and fallen in love with the area.  They learned that at that time, WA state was the least churched state in the USA, so after graduation they packed up their things and moved to pioneer a church in the city of Kent.

Steve is passionate about teaching people about God.  He wants them to develop the spiritual habits that strengthen their personal relationships with Christ, like Bible reading, prayer, and spending time in worship and adoration of their Heavenly Father daily.

Steve’s most favorite thing in the world, next to Jesus and his family, is to hike.  His days off are often spent exploring Northwest trails with his wife Darlene.  He is an avid reader of historical and theological themed books.  He is likes to cook, loves time with people, and has embraced his new role as Grandpa with enthusiasm.

Darlene Martin

Darlene has been in ministry for over 35 years.  She and Steve established Spirit and Truth in 1980.  They moved from Southern California where she was born and raised, leaving family and all that was familiar to fulfill the calling that the Lord placed upon their lives.

When Darlene was younger, she was so filled with insecurities, fear and shame that it crippled her and she could not easily verbally communicate with others. One day, the Lord Jesus Christ  convinced her that His love for her was so strong that it could set her free.  Darlene has experienced God’s ongoing healing love in her life, and she has been sharing the same truth with others.  Darlene is committed to helping others to discover the freedom God provides for those who seek Him. Darlene has the privilege of sharing from the pulpit occasionally on Sunday mornings and oversees the leadership teams within Spirit & Truth.

People are important to Darlene.  She has many precious friendships in her life.  She started working out at the local gym over 13 years ago and has made great friends there, as well as, in other places in her life.  Darlene also likes some “me-time” which she usually spends reading books.  She enjoys  hiking and other outdoor activities with her husband.  She finds fulfillment when she is  surrounded by her children and especially her grandson – pure joy!  

Connie Oake

Due to Connie’s father’s military career, she moved frequently and has lived all over the world.  Friends invited her to church from time to time and in one season, she lived near her grandmother, whose neighbor ran a “Good Neighbor Club” where Biblical truths finally started to make sense.  The seeds planted during this season, began to grow and in her early 20’s she and some friends began “church shopping.”  They found a Foursquare church to join, and she married her husband, Dave, shortly after this.  A few years later, she had a dream about her family swimming in a river towards some unknown “important” thing, her son was exhausted so the family climbed onto the river bank.  In the dream, she told Dave that whatever they were swimming for wasn’t worth their son’s life- suddenly she had a revelation that Christ was the only thing worth living for and that needed to be her focus.

Connie’s ministry passion is for women to be free to use their gifts and talents for God.  She enjoys being a part of equipping them to serve their families, friends, and their communities.

As an “outdoors” gal- Connie has competed in Triathlons, gone parachuting, river rafting, and had other adrenaline pumping adventures.  She also loves to learn, study and read.